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American Association of Colleges of Nursing

  • Do not use abbreviations.

  •   /   /   Pick a date.
  • Have you taught ELNEC courses in the past? *
  • Use a numerical value.

  • ELNEC Course Details

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot use a curriculum over 3 years old.

  • Select what type of course: *
  • Which ELNEC curriculum will you be teaching? *
  • Note: ELNEC Trainers must use updated ELNEC materials. You are not permitted to use materials that are more than 3 years old. Contact: to receive an order form to purchase a new ELNEC Curriculum.
  • Would you like to have your course dates posted on the ELNEC website?
  • Remember: Your objectives are already written for you per each module.

  • Don’t Forget to Review Introduction Section of your Workbook for:

    • News Release for your community/local newspaper
    • ELNEC Textbook Ordering Information
    • Copyright Permission
    • Use of ELNEC Materials

    Further Questions?
    Contact: Pam Malloy at AACN, or call 202.463.6930, ext. 238 (vm)

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